Want the job? Here’s what you should be doing to stand out from the crowd.

We all know the importance of great first impressions during an interview but what happens afterwards? Making sure you’re following the right steps can be the deciding factor between you and another applicant. Here’s what to do after a job interview to stand out from the competition.

1) Know who to contact

Directly after your interview (assuming everything went well), ask your interviewer about the best way to follow up. Try to get their business card, email address or contact number (that way you can direct your follow-up to the right person). Have a conversation with them about their timeline so you know the best – and worst – times to contact them. Wait a day or so to send them an email thanking them for their time and that you look forward to hearing from them soon. It’s a polite touch that shows you’re interested without being pushy.

2) Follow instructions

If you’ve been asked to provide more information (for example, taking an online test, sending through certain paperwork or portfolio items) listen to how your interviewer wants it delivered. When recruiting for positions with high numbers of applicants, businesses can cross names off their list just because an applicant didn’t show common sense. Don’t let a minor slip diminish your chances of landing a job.

3) Reflect on your interview

After you’ve left the interview room, replay your experience. Think about the questions you were asked as well as how you responded. Was there anything that you could have answered better? Anything that you did particularly well? Review your performance honestly and try to use this information to improve for next time.

4) Don’t quit your search

Don’t rest until you’ve been offered a role, even if your interview went well. Putting all of your eggs in one basket can make waiting for a response even more painful. Keep broadening your horizons and networking. If this job doesn’t come through for you, another one just might!

5) Ask for feedback

If you’ve been told that your application wasn’t successful, there’s no harm in asking why. Just make sure you remove yourself from any emotional attachment to the role, that way you’ll be able to accept feedback without taking it personally. Once you’re ready, reach out to your interviewer directly. Thank them graciously for the opportunity to meet and ask if they have any specific advice that they could relay. Is there anything that they think you should work on? Remember that this feedback probably isn’t personal; after all, your interviewer’s job is to find the best fit for their company. Try your best to learn from this experience and improve yourself for future interviews.

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