Relocating for work? Ask yourself these 5 crucial questions

Well done – you’ve been offered a job with a new company, or perhaps a promotion at your current employer. Before you line up property inspections in the new location, take stock of your motivations for, and the implications of, relocating for your job.


While a new adventure can bring about new opportunities it’s important to weigh up the pros and the cons, so grab a pen and make a list. Seeing what you stand to gain and lose, on a single piece of paper, can quickly reveal if a decision is worth it. Here are five things we suggest you consider before relocating for work.



  • What is the future of the company and position?



Before you take the leap you want to be confident that the primary reason for the move – the new job – is going to be worth it. If it’s a move within your current company it’s likely you’ll be familiar with management, remuneration conditions, and learning and development opportunities. Research your prospective job – look into the team you’ll be working in and the structure of the department: is there room for growth?


If it’s a new company, you can find out a lot from current and former employees – research the company through LinkedIn, discussion boards, industry media and reach out to your network.



  • What are your goals and will this move help you get there?



Given the commitment involved in relocating, it’s important that the effort leads you towards your future goals. Where do you see yourself in two, five and 10 years’ time? Also consider your family and lifestyle situation.


Once you have a clear picture of where you want to be in the future, come back to your current decision – will this move help get you closer to your goals, while making the compromises you’re happy to make?


  • How much will it cost?

The new job might come with a larger salary, so if you’re considering an interstate move, you should review things like your new monthly salary vs. rental prices in the area. Housing markets in inner Sydney and Melbourne are booming, whereas other Australian capital cities’ real estate markets are on different trajectories.


Moving house has many hidden costs so it’s a good idea to create a budget. Consider the day-to-day financial impact and also the cost of living in your new city, including those daily coffees and takeaway lunches.


Don’t forget to look into what financial support you can access. Negotiating relocation benefits with your new employer can be a great way to save on some expenses.



  • How will you adjust to the new city/neighbourhood?



Every city has pros and cons, but it’s important to make sure the benefits of your potential new home match what you need at this point in your life.


The best thing you can do is spend some time in the city before you decide to move there. If possible, book some accommodation in the area you plan to live to familiarise yourself with the community. Think about your priority amenities and if they’re close to where you will live and work.



  • Is this the best decision for your family?



If you’re single, family commitments might mean flying interstate for weekends and having a fold-out couch for visitors. If you have a partner or children, they have to fit into the logistics too.


Think about what this move will mean for them: will the city suit their stage in life? It’s worth reflecting on because the challenge of moving won’t be over when the packing boxes are gone – it might take months or a year to settle into your new community. During times of uncertainty and pressure, if you all understand why you made the move, it will make it a lot easier to get through the challenges.
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